In May of 2007 I completed my masters at Auburn University in computer science. I focused in Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and Speech Recognition. 

My thesis was a study on an academic advising system that used cased based reasoning to create schedules for computer science students. I found that often there exist such computer aided advising but I could find little documentation on the student response. It was intended for this system to also use speech, but in the end, it simply did not have enough to say.

As far as programming languages go, I really like to design web based systems and VUIs. I'm also inclined towards database work. Because of this PHP, SQL, VXML, and Perl tend to be my preferred languages. I have a good understanding of Java, but it's been a while. I'm fresher on C++.  There are many other languages that I got one semester or so of instruction on and plenty that I've played with on occasion.

While completing my graduate degree I was a part of the Human Centered Computing Lab under the direction of Dr. Juan Gilbert. There I took part in creating multimodal voting software, information portals, and speech-enabled tutoring software. I also participated in efforts to increase diversity in computer related disciplines.

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