Well, I suppose since you clicked on "About Me" you probably want to know something about me, don't ya?
So let's see, sci fi and comic books. Ooo.. and video games, but mostly the girly ones and Tekken. See, told you I was a geek/nerd/dork. Not helping my case is the fact that I go to conventions.

I like basketball but nearly always refuse to watch it. I LOVE Auburn football, and Auburn in general. I do feel that the SEC is the most underrated conference (we win and we win and we win and we still get no love. What's up with that ESPN?). I like going to the occasional baseball game, but someone remind me to wear sunscreen next time.

I sew a good bit and am getting into quilting. I'm also all about arts and crafts. What can I say? I went to camp a LOT as a little kid and that part stuck more than the rest. Well, that and cheesy songs with hand motions. (Girl and a boy in a little canoe...)

I also like Harry Potter anything (yes, I've even bought the candy, most of it tastes terrible), shopping, and decorating. Despite my somewhat tomboyish nature, I am not a fan of bugs and I detest snakes. They creep me out.

Being in computer science, I kind of became a gadgety person. If I can find a gadget that will do it for me, I'll probably get it. Who needs a map when you have GPS?

I was in marching band for a LONG time. Particularly for 3 years while completing my bachelor's at Auburn. I was on the flag line. I was also in Tau Beta Sigma, the band service sorority. I had tons of fun and gained the ability to sleep in nearly any circumstance thanks to many bus trips all over the southeast.

If you were looking for information of a more professional nature, please check my Professional page.