Being a fan of web design in general and the type of person with a LOT of hobbies, I have a few other sites you might like to check out! 
  • Kunoichi: Doggie Ninja
    Up at the top of the page, there's a blog link. That's just one of the many. That blog is predominantly about my dog. When I first got her, blogs were vital to me learning what is abnormal behavior for a Shiba Inu and my family wanted updates on my new cute puppy. It's not updated as frequently as I would like. It also gets a few random non-puppy related posts.

  • Katie-Does
    I've recently started a sewing/crafting blog. I've enjoyed reading them and I get asked questions by friends a lot. So it seemed logical. Plus, I'm getting started with quilting and it will provide me a nice spot to show off my creations.

  • No Name Halloween Site
    Folks that know me know that I love Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday. Dressing up + candy, what's not to love? After checking a lot of sites for tutorials such that I can build some awesome props, I discovered a very geocities-90s vibe on most of the websites. I'm working to fix that. Working being the keyword. Work in progress.

  • Auburnkt Cosplay
    What do you get when you combine a love of sewing with a love of halloween? A love of costuming. It's like I get a lot of the fun of Halloween more than once a year.